Lynx Motorsports Formula SAE

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Abstract

Formula SAE is the most prestigious and highly rated collegiate design competition in the world. The competition is centered around students designing, building and competing with an open wheel formula style racecar. Formula SAE consists of 14 competitions spanning 5 continents being held every year. The objective of the project was to design, build, and compete in 1 of these competitions. This report will canvas the design and manufacturing portions of the project and analyze in detail the major changes from the previous iteration of the CU Denver FSAE car. This year our focus was to lightweight the chassis, and suspension systems. Additionally, during the start of the year we completely rewrote the goals of the team which should be carried forward to future teams to keep the team headed in a competitive and constructive direction. These goals are shown below,

Team Goals

  1. Produce world-class engineers
  2. Build and construct a racecar with the intent to maximize points at competition
  3. Develop a team environment that is accepting of and welcoming to everyone, regardless of major, race, or gender

Team 2020 Technical Goals

  1. Decrease Tire size from 13-inch to 10-inch Tires
  2. Decrease overall car weight by 10%
  3. Finish Top 20 at FSAE West
  4. Be the best team in Colorado

Project presentation

Project poster

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