Antelope Springs Methodist Church Revival

Department of Civil Engineering

Project Abstract

(from the information bulletin) “The lovely Antelope Springs Methodist Episcopal Church, located on the plains of Eastern Colorado, may have averted disaster thanks to the quick reaction of passers-by who noticed suspicious behavior and the fact that the building was on fire at 3 am on a Sunday morning last summer. This led to the quick apprehension of suspects on charges of arson and an amazing response from fire fighters who managed to save the structure before it was lost. While the interior damage was significant and the ceiling beams and portions of the roof suffered damage, the structure itself remains intact and can definitely be restored, which is exactly what a small but determined group of area residents intend to do.

"The Antelope Springs church was built through community effort by local farmers and ranchers in 1915 and is the only remaining building from the Antelope Springs community. A two-story addition with access to a full basement was built in 1932. The church was used both for religious purposes and community meetings and holds important memories for people in the area. Many weddings, community potluck dinners, baby showers, family reunions, harvest festivals and club meetings have been held at the church, which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013."

This project will involve working with Colorado Preservation and the current owner to preserve this heritage site.

The project is located at 31948 CO-71, Snyder, Colorado 80750, Morgan County
40°27'52.37" N, 103°36'0.55" W

Project presentation

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