5th Street Hub at CU Denver

Machine shop for the College of Engineering, Design and Computing

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The Fifth Street Hub, located on the far west end of campus, is home to the College of Engineering, Design and Computing machine shop, the place where students design, develop, and manufacture their Capstone Design projects. The Hub is open to all engineering students.

Hub offerings:

  • Personalized training in the operation of machine tools 
  • Assistance in design and development
  • Manufacture of designs and products  
  • TIG and MIG welding training and service

Machining for research projects is charged at $150/hour.

Important access information

Capstone Design Team Leaders are responsible for making appointments for their team members by using Picktime®. Access to Picktime® will only be granted to Team Leaders. Team Leaders then need to enter name of each team member using a resource or requesting training.

Team Leaders may schedule time for machine use in 1-hour blocks. There are also links to schedule machine training and to reserve a build bay to work on your team project. You will receive an e-mail accepting or denying your request. The Hub is allowed a total of 10 people at any one time in the build bays and machine shop areas. Requests will be approved or rejected based on the total number of requests. Please limit requests to two (2) people per team at any one time.

Accessing the Hub

You must be on the the approved schedule to gain access to the Hub. Access will be denied to anyone not on the schedule or without proper badging and screening. All persons granted access will be held to the “Guide for Holding Students Accountable for Health Mandates” and “Student Infectious Disease Mitigation”. Students that refuse to comply with Hub rules and standards will be denied access. Any refusal to comply or cause of disturbance will be reported to the Auraria PD. Rules of access will be expressed to each student prior to entry.

MAKE NOTE: Remember your signed “Participant Notice of Risk and Waiver” form.

Before accessing the Hub, or any campus space, please remember to review the Student Safe Return Checklist and complete your daily health attestation.

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