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Project Abstract

Automated dosing calculations will save children's lives. Pediatric medicine in emergency situations is highly stressful, with patients that have significantly more variation in dosage requirements than adults. Incorrect dosing decisions unfortunately do happen, and can have tragic consequences. DosePerfect is a way to reduce those tragedies.

DosePerfect is a pediatric dosing tool. Currently, nurses and doctors use a number of tools for dosing decisions, primarily a paper tape called a Broselow tape. These paper tools include dosages for wide ranges of patients, leading to potential mistakes. Accurate dosing is a MUST when providing medications to infants and pediatrics, and reducing points of error is important. DosePerfect significantly improves on the existing standards by only showing dosage information for a single patient as entered into the system, and presenting the information in a clearer way by using a computer screen instead of a small print covering every possible medicine and patient at once. DosePerfect is a simple self-contained react web app able to run locally or deployed as a website. If the website resources are loaded, it functions completely without any internet access, allowing for local network deployments, as well as electron app installs on potentially non-connected devices. The app also contains a backend API used for non-critical features such as the built-in feedback tool.

The app is intended to be as simple to use, install, update, and maintain as possible. It will provide correct dosages for commonly used medications when given a pediatric patient's weight and age and will also provide sizing information for commonly used medical equipment. Dosage calculations are table-based and editable in simple text-based tables. The application is designed around reliability, minimal resource requirements, and being simple to comprehend and update.

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