CEDC Seminar Series

ENGR 4150/5150/7150 Seminar: Topics in Engineering

The seminar course presents a flexible format that covers special-interest topics in engineering. Course content focuses on skills often not taught in a traditional engineering curriculum. Rather than have traditional technical talks from each department, we will instead focus on sharpening skills beyond the technical, such as: intellectual property, ethics, design, policy, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, diversity and equity, convergent research, broader impacts of research, and more. We will have experts from around the world and from CU presenting these lectures.

Students, both undergraduate and graduate, may enroll in this course (ENGR 4150/5150/7150) for up to one credit total. Grading is a letter grade, and students must attend all of the (seven) seminars to pass as well as write a single seminar review as described below. Faculty are also encouraged to attend. 

Seminars are every other week, and usually held on Tuesdays at 11a.m. in a remote format (as synchronous Zoom sessions). Recordings of each seminar will be posted on this page; click the link to access them. 

Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to learn about innovation, adaptability, and the execution of values. Being someone that wants to grow as a leader in this field, it was invaluable and a lesson I've been wanting and needing to help guide my growth.

Maydha Kumar, bioengineering undergraduate

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