Online Learning Resources

Online and remote learning is becoming a cornerstone of College of Engineering, Design and Computing course offerings and will continue to expand as CU Denver adapts to the ongoing pandemic and the needs of our students and the community. The resources found on this page are intended to support College of Engineering, Design and Computing students in preparing for and working through the tools and systems needed to work in this distance-learning environment. The content here will continue to expand and grow as more tools, resources, and tutorials are made available.

Low-Income Resources

Online and remote learning is especially challenging for low income households, as access to computing resources and Internet connectivity can be especially difficult. There are some programs that can help with this.

The Loving Lynx fund is available to assist students in need to assist with unanticipated events (such as a pandemic).

Notebooks for Students is a nonprofit organization that provides students with discounted laptops for primary, high school, college, and homeschool.

Comcast’s Internet Essentials offering provides free and discounted internet access to those who qualify.

Other low income internet plans are also offered from multiple service providers.

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