Lake Pueblo Access Improvements

Department of Civil Engineering

Project Abstract

Lake Pueblo State Park is the most visited lake recreation site within Colorado. There are two access roads into the Park, with the northern entrance through Pueblo West being the most frequented. The purpose of the project is to improve the safety through the northern entrance for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. The two components of the project are the roadway and trail system. The proposed roadway work includes the following:

  1. Rehabilitating Nichols Road (0.64 mi.)
  2. Reconstructing and widening McCulloch Blvd. to accommodate left-turning vehicles onto Nichols Road (0.1 mi.)

The proposed multi-modal trail work includes:

  1. Building a trail from the planned Pueblo West High School east/west trail (estimated completion Fall 2017) south to Nichols Road (1.72 mi.)
  2. Building a bike lane on Nichols Road (0.64 mi.)
  3. *Constructing a grade-separated pedestrian structure parallel to the Nichols Road bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) which would provide connectivity to the newly rebuilt trail system within the Park.
  4. **Extending the Sweetwater Trail from its current northern terminus, south to provide connectivity to the newly rebuilt system within the Park (1.15 mi.)

Additional project improvements include:

  • paved trail construction (striped cross walks and pedestrian hybrid beacon signal installation)
  • safety improvements (signing and pavement markings)
  • existing bridge improvements (curb, conforming guardrail, and guardrail length of need)

Project presentation

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