Engineering and Applied Science PhD

The Engineering and Applied Science Doctor of Philosophy program is an innovative multidisciplinary program designed to model modern research. Students choose a primary concentration from a host department within the College of Engineering, Design and Computing. The primary concentration is complemented by a secondary concentration in engineering or from any CU Denver school/college.

Host departments

Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Degree requirements

The coursework in the primary and secondary areas must consist of ten courses—students must take at least five courses in his/her primary area of concentration and at least three courses in a secondary area of concentration. Other courses may be recommended by the student’s advisor.

Research spanning two or more of the five college departments is strongly encouraged and is a major strength of the program.

Coursework: 30 credit hours
Research/dissertation: 30 credit hours
Total: 60 credit hours

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