Stayin' Alive CPR Training App

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

The purpose of the CPR training app is to help facilitate the training and practice of high quality CPR, and improve patient outcomes and CPR success rates. While similar systems exist, they tend to either be prohibitively expensive, or bulky enough that they are impractical for use outside of a controlled environment. This app and the sensor that it connects with it are designed to be low cost, compatible with existing CPR mannequins, and easily transportable. Stayin’ Alive CPR provides real time feedback on the quality of CPR being performed and allows users to enter CPR events that are not detected by the sensor (such as the usage of epinephrine, a backboard, and AED). It also provides an overview of the training with aggregate stats and associated graphs, with the ability to export the data to file. The app was written in C# using Xamarin and communication with the sensor is performed over WiFi using MQTT.

Project presentation

Project demo

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