Fundamentals of Engineering Design Innovation

This first-year course provides a hands-on introduction to design and innovation through team-based exploration. Students learn design principles, work through the design process, modes of thinking, and analysis. The class also includes learning how to represent themselves in visual, verbal, and physical forms. The final projects presented here represent teams’ efforts to discover and define an original problem of their choosing, and then  develop and deliver a prototype representing their best ideas as to a solution. Together, the 4 Ds are our design innovation process.

Because the course was delivered mostly online with rare opportunities to meet in person, both the instructional team and the students had to adapt. We are proud of the persistence and ingenuity our students displayed, as they collaborated with one another and prepared these presentations.

Design Expo

In response to the current state of the world, the fall 2020 design expo will be hosted virtually through this website. While different from the traditional in-person event, hosting a virtual expo allows us the opportunity to share our students' innovations to a wider audience and showcase their work to the world.

Fall 2021 Design Expo Projects

Awards & Fall 2021 Winners

Most Engaging: This award honors the team that pulled out all the stops to professionally present their project, demonstrating their energy and enthusiasm for their work.

Extraordinary Effort: This award recognizes the team that went above and beyond the level of work expected for the project. This could be multiple types of user studies, detailed and/or parallel prototypes, some combination, or other dimensions of the project.

Most Creative Prototype: The unique characteristics of the prototype truly deliver a “wow” for your stakeholders.

Leaps & Bounds: This award is for the team that made HUGE improvements over the course of the semester – possibly demonstrated by a pivot after the Experiential Wall milestone. 

Best Stakeholder Engagement: