Take and Teach

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

There are many different learning apps out there like Udemy or Skill Share but Take and Teach is different in that it as much an app for user as it is for an instructor. Take and Teach aims to bridge the gap between instructors and users by allowing the users to email the instructor in case they have questions about any course material or in case they want to get the instructor’s feedback to improve their work.

Instructors have the ability to create a course, upload video to the course, set a price for the course, add tags to the course, and publish the course for the users to purchase. Instructors can also update course information and delete course. Not only that but instructors also have the ability to create calander events with a zoom link for one-on-one or group classes and get in touch with a student via the email composer.

Users have the ability to search for course, purchase courses, and view courses they have purchased. Users also have the ability to email instructors to ask questions or get feedback on their work, create folders, and organize their pictures and videos. The best way to learn is to ask question, make mistakes and improve based on the instructor’s feedback and that’s exactly out goal with this project. We wanted to create an app that fosters student-teacher dynamic by allowing easy, no fuss communication between the user and instructor.

Project presentation

Project demo

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