Non-Contact Interaction With Elevators on Campus

Multidisciplinary - Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

Project Abstract

The global COVID-19 pandemic experienced in 2020 has significantly influenced the perception of everyday lives and how individuals interact with surrounding materials. Since the outbreak and imposition of socially restrictive measures such as social distancing and banning public gathering, the perspective of interaction has dramatically changed. The purpose of this study and the associated design development was to establish innovative methods that facilitate hands free interaction with everyday materials to prevent or mitigate the spread of the virus. This perspective was developed on the need to address the environment on campus. For the primary design of the study, we implemented customer needs analysis and affinity diagrams. Through the design, the major problems were identified, the data was collected and analyzed based on the targeted customer needs and focused on the most important public places on campus such as classrooms tables, restrooms, doors and elevators. Finally, solutions would be provided for the problems identified. Other design methods used included the functional models which focused on the active engagements towards providing alternative solutions to the problems of contact and contamination. For our proposed solutions, we as a team suggested a series of designs as an approach to solving this matter as we thought about door handles, ventilation and tables. As we focused more on the technology and most effective solution. We ended up focusing on elevators by including four related designs. These four systems include a voice command technology, leap motion and PIR sensors and foot pedals. All of which involved the installation of various software and hardware materials. Overall, through the technology we were able to achieve goals and demonstrated the effectiveness of our design along with all the difficulties and challenges that we faced while implementing our designs.

Project presentation

Project poster presentation

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