Capstone Design

The College of Engineering, Design and Computing Capstone Design is a signature program across all five departments. Each engineering student takes the capstone course during their senior year. In this course, they design, build, analyze, protoype, test, and provide documentation for a product they have developed. 

Capstone Expo

Each spring, the college hosts a Capstone Expo, showcasing projects from all five departments. In the fall, the college hosts a design expo for civil engineering students whose capstone experience is only a semester long. Students present to a panel of industry and alumni judges, competing for cash prizes made possible by generous donations from Donald and Karen White. Projects are evaluated on innovation, quality of the product, and the impact of the design.

Why this matters to our students

  • Helps students to develop professional skills
  • Exposure to the design innovation process
  • Increases visibility for student work and outcomes
  • Connects students and sponsors for employment opportunities
  • Promotes cutting-edge design pedagogy
  • Enables interdisciplinary projects
  • Builds industry engagement across all departments

Friday, May 5th

College of Engineering, Design and Computing

Senior Capstone Competition

9:00am to 2:30pm

Schedule with day of agenda coming soon! 


Winners - Spring 2022



Expo Overall Winners:

Cloud - $1,000

  1. Brenda Armendariz,
  2. Tala Obeid,
  3. Martha Olivas,

    Rocket Lynx IV - $1,000

    1. Andrew Waterhouse,
    2. Yechan Kim,
    3. Lauren Galus,
    4. Yaya Haidara,
    5. Arthur Manville,
    6. Ben Weiler,
    7. John Cuthbertson,
    8. Alex Miramontes,
    9. Eliyah Bales,

      Bioengineering Expo Departmental Winner: 

      Chest Door - $500

      1. Abby Krohn,
      2. Carli Macejak,
      3. Derek Garcia,
      4. Laura Ramos,

        A Method to Improve Recover - $500

        1. Elizabeth Korthals,
        2. Anthony DiSaverio,
        3. Areeb Khan,

          Civil Engineering Expo Departmental Winner:

          Fehringer Ranch - $500

          1. Meshari Al Oudah,
          2. Mansour Alkhulaifi,
          3. Ali Alqattan,
          4. Lilah Henderson,
          5. Timothy Pyle,
          6. Jackson Winterrowd,

            Computer Science and Engineering Expo Departmental Winner:

            Wristy - $500

            1. Alexander Verkest,
            2. Tamila Husnetdinova,

              Enabling Sleep Staging - $500

              1. Sarah Morgan,
              2. Muhammad Hussain,
              3. Timothy Frymire,

                Interdisciplinary Engineering Expo Departmental Winner:

                Pedestrian Safety - $500

                1. Janson Lansville ,
                2. Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi,
                3. Abdulaziz Alrabah,
                4. Abdulaziz Alshmeri,
                5. Nasser Al-Naimi ,
                6. Sarah Almejren,

                  ARFL Nav. System Team 2 - $500

                  1. Yareni Renteria,
                  2. Egduard Jauregui,
                  3. Taylor Helt,
                  4. Reed Goldberg,
                  5. Taylor Kolar,

                    Mechanical Engineering Expo Departmental Winner:

                    Juno Rocketry - $500

                    1. Larry Reid,
                    2. Dante Sileo,
                    3. Nathan Smith,
                    4. Russell Reimann,
                    5. Justin Redding,
                    6. Matthew Golubski,


                      Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Aria Saunders

                      Outstanding Graduate Student: JaeAnn  Marie Dwulet


                      Civil Engineering

                      Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Jackson Winterrowd

                      Outstanding Graduate Student: Steven Mathew Klawitter   


                      Computer Science and Engineering

                      Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Dennis Blake Mills 

                      Outstanding Graduate Student: John David Pace   


                      Interdisciplinary Engineering

                      Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Joseph John Gedney

                      Outstanding Graduate Student: Joshua Wewerka


                      Mechanical Engineering

                      Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Kim Yechan

                      Outstanding Graduate Student: Jake Patrick Tinsley


                      Silver Award Nominees

                      Aria Saunders, Bioengineering

                      Aston Martinez, Civil Engineering

                      Joseph Gedney, Electrical Engineering


                      PROJECT SPONSORS

                      • DeNOVO Solutions
                      • Lockheed Martin
                      • AirForce Research Lab
                      • Adams County
                      • JBS |
                      • South Platte Renew
                      • Impressio

    Awards Pic1small


    Awards Pic small

    2023 Capstone Expo

    May 5, 2023

    9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Lola and Rob Salazar Wellness Center Building