The CU Denver Learning Resources Center facilitates peer-to-peer tutoring services for all students. 

Thanks to a generous donation from Douglas K. and Sandra L. Tashiro, the College of Engineering, Design and Computing, in partnership with the Learning Resources Center, has established the Tashiro Peer Educator Award, a program designed to foster an interactive and collaborative learning experience for engineering students and to promote academic success through peer tutoring. 

At the beginning of each academic year, highly qualified undergraduate or graduate students are trained as peer educators to: 

  • Provide academic support and mentoring 
  • Assist students with study strategies, organization of materials, critical-thinking skills, and course-content comprehension 
  • Facilitate students' learning progress by critically discussing and practicing course material 
  • Share their experiences or tips as engineering majors

Please visit the Learning Resources Center website to learn more about the tutoring services offered and to get connected with a peer educator.

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