S.O.A.R. (Student Organization for Amateur Rocketry)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Abstract

Our goal was to design, develop and manufacture a high powered rocket to compete at the Argonia Cup in March, 2020 with a goal of launching 12,000 feet and landing a golf ball sized payload as close to a given GPS coordinate as possible. The rocket consists of 3 sections; nose cone, fuselage and fins. The nose cone is von karmen shaped and made of fiberglass and houses the payload. The nose cone will be ejected from the rocket at 2000' and a steerable parachute attached to the nose cone will deliver the payload to the GPS coordinate. The rest of the rocket will come down separately with a standard chute. The fuselage is wound carbon fiber filament and houses the K660 motor, electronics bay, drogue chute and main chute. The electronics bay will house an altimeter to track flight data and a GPS to help us locate the rocket after it lands. The fins are symmetrical, trapezoidal in shape and will be made of G10 Fiberglass.

Project presentation

Project poster presentation

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