Scooter Safety 1

Department of Electrical Engineering

Project Abstract

The project that we are doing is scooter safety. We are team 5 and for our project what we are doing is trying to fix the issue of safety with electrical scooters that are located around the city. We are attempting to fix this issue by creating an electric helmet and by using our skills that we have learned throughout our studies and research. We attached LED lights to the left and the right side of the helmet. We then connected sensors to a scooter itself that will detect pedestrians and obstacles to the right and left of the scooter. When the sensors detect an obstacle around the scooter, it will then compute and send a signal using the transceiver on the board which is on the scooter to the helmet. The helmet also has an Arduino board which is attached that also has a transceiver that will receive that signal. The signal is then computed by the code in the helmet and depending on which side the sensors detected the obstacle, a light will turn on and the rider will be aware that there is an obstacle that he should be aware of.

Project presentation

Project poster

Scooter safety 1
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