Colorado Aquarium Society Live Auction Software

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

The Colorado Aquarium Society (CAS) hosts Denver's largest exotic fish live auctions every month and are in association with the Colorado Aquarium. The CAS club is a social organization that hosts monthly events including auctions, speakers, field trips, and social gatherings. We (CAS Live Auction Team) have built a fully dynamic website using Angular 8, custom tailored to help the CAS facilitate efficient auctions in real time for their organization.

Our auction-handling and payment website simplifies the auction process for both club members and staff members with unique dashboards for each user type built for their exact needs in a CAS auction. Because the CAS club hosts auctions in-person, the website we built also offers a live, in-person auction end-to-end process for both staff and user members to have distinguished functionality while interacting with the website. Some features include user and staff dashboards with respective, unique functionality, real-time auction projection ability with dynamic item queuing, secure payment processing, and efficient page optimizations for lightweight processing and speed.

Our site is intended to suit the direct needs of both users and staff members in the CAS Club and we are excited to share the features and functions built. Members can easily sign up, sign in, manage their profiles, register for upcoming auctions, upload their items to the auction, and checkout using our website. CAS staff have the same functionalities of a member plus the ability to create auctions, manage items and participants in an auction, conduct live auction projection, handle "quick-sales" for direct transactions, manage all users, create new users, checkout users, and also reference records for each auction and participants regarding their interaction with auction.

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