Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

The vPantry application is an app intended to keep track of food items within a certain group. It will keep track of things like the item’s name, location, type, quantity left per item, and expiration date. This will appeal to households that have more than one person living in the same home who needs something like vPantry to keep track of what food item available and how much of it is available. For example, couples, families, or roommates will find this app very useful. The user will be able to add, remove, update, find, and list all items in the application. This will be both an android app and web application. The app will allow users to be created within certain groups. vPantry will be in demand because it will be convenient and easy for users. For example, the “Johnson Family” will be the group, and the users will be the family members under the names they create for their usernames. It will keep groups, like households, organized by allowing users to see what is available and how much of it is available, reducing excess amounts of the same product, preview of all that is in the kitchen will create less inconvenient trips to the grocery store for products that are running out, and a convenient family grocery list that is available to the group.

Project presentation

Project poster presentation

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