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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

Peer review is a long-standing system used to assess the quality of a work before it is published. Independent experts in the relevant area of interest assess submitted works for originality, validity and significance to help editors determine whether a work should be published as a standard reference for the scientists or professional associates of a science, industry or discipline.

Multiple reviewers read works by an assigned deadline. They evaluate the work that was submitted using the format and guided scoring system set up by the profession or industry association. In addition, they give their assessment and a final consensus review, and score are determined by combining the reviews.

A work that is accepted and earns a score above a certain threshold will be displayed on the public page of the Peer Review System.

A work that is accepted and needs correction, quality improvement or receives a score below the threshold will not be published. Feedback may be sent to the author. Authors may try again to submit the work when it is improved.

A work that is rejected and not reviewed did not meet the criteria of works for this discipline. The author receives a rejection notice from the administrator. Feedback may or may not be sent to the author.

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