Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

HealthC(AR) is a mobile application that is designed to be used by medical and healthcare professionals. It allows these professionals to retrieve patient information and medical records through facial recognition. The objective of HealthC(AR) is to enhance efficiency by quickly pulling up relevant patient information and creating a personable experience between the patient and the healthcare professional.

The application was designed with simplicity and efficacy in mind. Upon opening the application, the user is directly taken to a live camera feed. From there, they can perform facial recognition by directing the camera towards the patient. This is followed by a dialog box that asks the user to confirm whether or not the identified patient is correct. After verifying this, the application will display the corresponding patient information. 

HealthC(AR) operates on both iOS and Android. As of now, the Android application is only able to perform the facial recognition feature. On the other hand, the iOS application is complete and fully functioning.

Project presentation

Project poster

HealthC(AR) poster
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