ScanSphere - An Advanced Network Mapping and Analysis Tool

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

Network scanners and vulnerability analysis tools are invaluable in discovering fingerprinting data about network hosts. These fingerprints consist of a diverse and large variety of attributes, ranging from host OS and open or closed ports, to running services and their patch levels or vulnerabilities. Similarity of these fingerprints can provide very important insights for network security administrators for tackling threat propagation or conducting forensic analysis. We introduce ScanSphere, a network mapper tool that uses off-the-shelf scanning tools to fingerprint hosts in a network or across various networks, and then clusters these hosts based on the similarity of their whole or partial fingerprints. In other words, our tool generates a high-level map of the network where hosts are clustered according to their fingerprint similarity. In order to tackle the curse of dimensionality, our approach uses network embedding techniques. This tool provides network administrators with a holistic view of the network and assists them in real-time security decisions regarding threat management and analytics.

Project presentation

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