Smart Mirror Personal Application

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Abstract

This project is a combination of ideas. The team first wanted to have a project that we all thought was something we could connect to a real-world industry idea. The main thought process behind this was in industry most programs are something that now a days are not made from scratch. As a team we chose to continue on a already working code base of a smart mirror. This to emulate a real-world scenario of learning code to edit and add to it as we will most likely go in a real industry scenario then best. Adding to this, we are also thinking of this project as something that would be wanted by the consumer. Using this mind set we sought to create something easy and convenient for a user that has little to no computer experience. So, we wanted to add a user-friendly on-board program to a raspberry pi. As these modules are fairly common to run personal and specific tasks. Using a raspberry Pi (with Raspbian OS) we leverage our use of python, personal security with databases, local servers, and JavaScript to create a fluid simple system for people to use. Making a final project that shows knowledge with many different computer science skills. All to create a personal, internet based, simple, secure and on-board program for maximal user enjoyment.

Project presentation

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