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The construction engineering and management bachelor of science at CU Denver is a new type of degree that offers the rigors of engineering problem-solving and design with business and management courses, coupled with construction management courses. Students receive an innovative interdisciplinary education that combines coursework in engineering, construction management, business and architecture. Graduates will find exciting, well-paid careers in the expanding and interconnected industry of architecture, engineering and construction as it embraces dynamic new concepts like smart cities, connected infrastructure and evolving value propositions.


The construction engineering and management bachelor of science degree supports the new construction knowledge area within the fundamentals of engineering exam. The program includes a solid foundation of construction engineering and management courses, an engineering focus/specialty area, and select courses from business, architecture and engineering. All students will complete a construction capstone design course, and students are required to complete at least 12 weeks of a full-time internship within the architecture, engineering or construction industry or government agency.

The construction engineering and management bachelor of science is comprised of 128 credit hours. Students are required to complete the following minimum program requirements:

  • 24 credit hours CU Denver core curriculum coursework
  • 30 credit hours math and science courses
  • 35 credit hours construction engineering and management coursework
  • 11 credit hours engineering coursework
  • 6 credit hours architecture coursework
  • 3 credit hours business coursework
  • 15 credit hours engineering science and design coursework (civil, computer science, electrical, or mechanical track)
  • 3 credit hours technical electives
  • 1 credit hour internship

You may also reference the construction engineering and management bachelor of science curriculum flow chart for a visual guide to the curriculum.

Here are curriculum examples for the engineering science and design specialty areas:

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