Civil Engineering Master of Engineering

The master of engineering in civil engineering at CU Denver is intended for students who have non-engineering undergraduate degree The program is structured to give basic knowledge in engineering in an interdisciplinary manner, allowing students to enhance their engineering education with courses from complimentary areas of study.

Our graduate programs are designed for working professionals and offer ample opportunities for hands-on research.  

Students in the master of engineering program choose to focus on one of the following areas of expertise:

Degree requirements

The master of engineering in civil engineering requires 27 credit hours of coursework and 3 credit hours of master’s report work.

  • 15 credit hours of course work must be completed with civil engineering classes; this includes the master's report hours.
  • Per advisor's approval, 15 credit hours may be completed outside of the civil engineering department in related disciplines that supplement the student's area of study. This gives the master of engineering degree the ability to be interdisciplinary and tailored to the student's exact area of interest.

Prerequisite coursework

All graduate students are expected to have completed the prerequisite requirements relevant to their specialization within civil engineering. These requirements are in addition to the coursework required for the graduate degree. Missing prerequisites may be resolved by taking an equivalent course at CU Denver, or an equivalent institution, or by submitting documentation of equivalent coursework to the student’s academic advisor after admission.

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