Geographic Information Systems and Geomatics certificate

The graduate certificate in geographic information systems (GIS) and geomatics is designed to supplement knowledge needed in the professional work environment or as a way to see if a graduate degree in GIS is a good fit. Students may earn this certificate without formal admission to a master’s degree program in engineering if they take these classes as a nondegree student. 


The GIS graduate certificate requires the successful completion of four core GIS classes with a grade of B- or better; any prerequisites for those individual classes are also required.

  • CVEN 5381 Intro to GIS
  • CVEN 5382 GIS Spatial Database Development
  • CVEN 5384 GIS Project Management
  • CVEN 5385 GIS Relational Databases
  • CVEN 5387 Advanced Remote Sensing
  • CVEN 5390 Interactive Web Mapping for GIS
  • CVEN 5391 Geomatics for GIS
  • CVEN 5392 Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • CVEN 5395 GNSS/GPS
  • CVEN 5396 HDS/LiDAR Tools & Data Analyses
  • CVEN 5397 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Processing

For complete, up-to-date course descriptions, visit the CU Denver academic catalog and search for the course numbers listed above.

For more information about geomatics and geographic information systems at CU Denver, visit our research page.

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