Computer Science Bachelor of Science

The computer scientist is a professional who must be prepared to apply his or her skills, knowledge and creativity in a rapidly changing field.

The bachelor of science in computer science at CU Denver prepares students for such creative work. The emphasis is on fundamental concepts and basic principles with a long productive life. Students have opportunities for collaboration on innovative projects and internships as well as the ability to partner with faculty and graduate students on research.


Undergraduate computer science students at CU Denver can tailor their degree to specific interests and goals. Students are exposed to the breadth of the field, including machine learning and data science, computer graphics and game design, programming, software engineering, systems, scientific computing, secure computing, theory, and cyber physical systems.

In their senior year students tackle complex problems and design a software engineering project for an industry partner or research area.

Effective fall 2019, to earn a bachelor of science in computer science, students must complete 128 credit hours including:

  • 24 credits in CU Denver core curriculum coursework
  • 22 credit hours of required mathematics and basic science courses
  • 46 credit hours in computer science and computer science systems core courses
  • 21 credit hours in computer science breadth courses
  • 15 credit hours in computer science technical electives

See the degree map for more information and a sample academic plan of study. You may also reference the current CS bachelor of science handbook.


Our graduates will be well prepared to be immediately impactful in today’s workforce where computing is changing everything.

Computing is the #1 in-demand occupation in the United States, with over 10 times the number of open computing jobs than graduating computer science students available to fill them.1

Computer and information technology jobs are expected to grow by 13% or 557,100 new jobs through 2026.2

Computer occupation workers with a bachelor’s degree earn a median wage of $86,320.2

Colorado is ranked 6th in the U.S. for average high-tech wage and 11th for absolute number of high-tech businesses.3

Average starting salary: $66,005 per year


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