Parallel and Distributed Systems


Research in parallel processing and distributed systems at CU Denver includes application programs, algorithm design, computer architectures, operating systems, performance evaluation, and simulation.

With the new multi-core architectures, parallel processing research is at the heart of developing new software, systems, and algorithms in order to be able to take advantage of the underlying parallelism. A thorough understanding of various aspects of parallel architectures, systems, software, and algorithms is necessary to be able to achieve the performance of the new parallel computers and definitely supercomputers.

Students have access to our latest high performance cluster providing parallel computing environments for shared-memory, distributed-memory, cluster, and GPU environments housed in the department.

Active projects

  • new parallel languages and applications
  • weather modeling
  • load balancing
  • deep-learning
  • multi-target tracking systems
  • optimization


Associated lab

computer science students

Parallel Distributed Systems Lab

Gita Alaghband

Gita Alaghband, PhD

Professor & Chair

Computer Science and Engineering

Phone: 303-315-1409



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