Machine Learning Lab


Machine learning, now-a-days, is so pervasive that we use several applications of it every day without even realizing it. In the past, Machine learning provided us with a bounty of algorithms to analyze data. But, as data generation has now become inexpensive, machine learning researchers are now being challenged by the sheer scale and complexity of the data. In this era of Big Data, we need efficient algorithms to tackle the data analysis irrespective of the data size and complexity.

The goal of the Machine Learning Laboratory is to establish a sustainable research group that leverages the CU Denver's ample scope of interdisciplinary collaborations, hosts current leaders in machine learning, and trains the next generation of machine learning pioneers. This central focus of the group us to establish research paradigms that will move us from the era of data aggregation toward the era of efficient knowledge discovery.


At present, the newly emerged ML Lab is equipped with facilities for the members to engage in research works, group discussions and weekly presentations. There is a plan to purchase a 42U rack server with capabilities to perform large-scale computational tasks soon.



Ashis Kumer Biswas, PhD

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

Phone: 303-315-0162



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