Graduate Certificate: Cybersecurity and Defense

The certificate program in cybersecurity and defense prepares computer science professionals to identify, analyze and mitigate technical cybersecurity related vulnerabilities, exploits and attacks against network and critical cyber infrastructure. The coursework emphasizes practical technical skills, analysis and research focused on current cybersecurity issues.

Certificate Eligibility

A bachelor of science or equivalent in computer science is ideal. Applicants with bachelor of science degrees in areas other than computer science will be individually evaluated for adequate knowledge in programming, algorithms and system design, and may be assigned additional courses to take as part of the certificate program to address deficiencies in background. 

Students currently enrolled in the CU Denver bachelor of science in computer science program are eligible for this certificate with the recommendation of their advisor.


Students need to complete a sequence of four separate graduate-level courses:

  • CSCI 5742 - Cybersecurity Programming and Analysis
  • CSCI 5743 - Cyber and Infrastructure Defense
  • CSCI 5573 - Operating Systems
  • CSCI 5765 - Computer Networks

Students must take and pass each course with a grade of B- or better and earn a GPA of at least 3.0 to obtain the Cyber Security and Defense Certificate.