Bachelor of Arts: CS + program

Students in the CS+ program earn a bachelor of arts in computer science. CS+ is a new program at CU Denver that allows students to combine a computer science degree with a specialization in other academic disciplines.

CS+ prepares graduates to apply a computer science background to a wide variety of career fields. Computer science is transforming products and services in industries such as finance, health care, transportation and education. In fact, more than two-thirds of all tech jobs are outside the tech sector.

Why CS+?

  • Strong grounding in computer science
  • Highly flexible
  • 38 free electives to customize your degree – the “plus” component
  • Specialize in another field using the “plus” component – earn a certificate, minor, double major or just explore your interests
  • Quickly earn a second degree in computer science to retrain into a computer science career (potentially 43 credit hours of computer science courses)


The CS+ program is built upon the bachelor of arts in computer science, which requires 120 credit hours of total coursework:

  • 24 credit hours of core curriculum coursework
  • 43 credit hours of computer science coursework
  • 7 credit hours of mathematics coursework (Calculus I and above)
  • 8 credit hours of natural or physical science coursework
  • 38 credit hours of free electives – the specialization area

See the degree map and curriculum flow chart for more information and a sample academic plan of study.

The CS+ program can be combined with almost any minor at CU Denver and in some cases double degrees or double majors can be achieved by taking a few extra courses. Programs include:

  • CS + Art History minor
  • CS + Biology major and minor
  • CS + Business minor
  • CS + Chemistry major and minor
  • CS + Computer Engineering minor
  • CS + Construction Management minor
  • CS + Cybersecurity and Secure Computing certificate
  • CS + Data Science minor
  • CS + Digital Design minor
  • CS + Electrical Engineering minor
  • CS + English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology major
  • CS + English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology minor
  • CS + Entrepreneurship minor ($300 scholarships for entrepreneurship courses)
  • CS + Finance minor
  • CS + Human Centered Design and Innovation certificate and minor
  • CS + Illustration minor
  • CS + Math major and minor
  • CS + Music minor
  • CS + Music Industry minor
  • CS + Painting and Drawing minor
  • CS + Photography minor

Additional programs are available, just ask!

For more information, contact a computer science department academic advisor at You may also reference the current bachelor of arts in computer science handbook.