Data Science in Biomedicine Track — MS in Computer Science

The data science in biomedicine track is offered under the computer science master of science degree program for students who choose Plan I - Thesis.

Data science has emerged as an essential complement to scientific discovery with a widespread and growing set of applications in almost all disciplines, including biomedicine, health informatics, precision and personalized medicine, business analytics, intelligent transportation, cybersecurity and more.

Students who choose this track will adopt biomedical applications of data science to learn data science methodologies and technologies. Graduates of this master of science track will have an official designation of data science training within their degree, which will help with employment and other opportunities.


Master of science and doctoral students who are in the process of obtaining a computer science master of science degree are eligible.


The data science in biomedicine track requires the completion of 36 credit hours, including:

  • 9 credit hours of required computer science master of science courses
  • 9 credit hours of electives from courses related to biomedical computing and informatics, bioinformatics, health informatics, etc.
  • 12 credit hours of computer science track electives focused on data science and engineering
  • 6 credit hours of thesis work focused on data science in biomedicine

Download the complete Data Science in Biomedicine curriculum (pdf)

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