Shengzhe (Jackson) Wang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering



Dr. Shengzhe (Jackson) Wang is an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering within the Department of Civil Engineering at CU Denver. His research targets the interaction between water and the built environment to foster innovative solutions for climate change adaptation. Dr. Wang’s work span architecture, structural, mechanical, and ocean engineering disciplines to explore the interaction between extreme hydrodynamic events (e.g., breaking waves) with coastal and floating structures, architecture-inspired solutions to urban resilience (including structural art), and the geometric mechanics of thin-shell structures across different scales/fields of application. His methodologies include advanced numerical simulations (mesh-based and Lagrangian), geometric design and optimization, mechanical analyses, as well as human behavioral research. More information can be found here:



  • Coastal and floating structures
  • Thin-shell structures
  • Structural art



  • Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, Princeton University
  • MPhil, Civil Engineering, University of Sydney
  • BEng, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Auckland

S Wang

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