Computer Science Bachelor of Arts (CS+)

Advances in technology and rapid growth of the information economy have made computing a ubiquitous and enabling science in nearly all disciplines.  The use of computing technology is only expected to increase as an explosion of available data and increased computing power leads to a boom in emerging fields.

The bachelor of arts in computer science is designed to provide a flexible and customizable degree program modeled as a CS+. The + component of the degree allows students 38 credit hours to pursue passions in a different field, whether toward a minor, double major or even additional computer science education. 


Undergraduate computer science students at CU Denver can tailor their degree to specific interests and goals. Students will learn programming languages, algorithms, and software engineering to solve computational problems and can apply their knowledge to variety of fields of their interest such as graphic design, marketing, biology, architecture, entrepreneurship and any other subject offered at CU Denver.

To earn a bachelor of arts in computer science, students must complete 120 credit hours including:

  • 24 credits in CU Denver core curriculum coursework
  • 43 credit hours of computer science coursework
    • 22 credit hours computer science core
    • 21 credit hours computer science electives
  • 7 credit hours of mathematics coursework (Calculus I and above)
  • 8 credit hours of natural or physical sciences
  • 38 credit hours of free electives from a concentration area


See the degree map for more information and a sample academic plan of study.


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