Electrical Engineering Minor

Electrical engineers use mathematics and physics tools and theory to develop systems ranging from smart electric grids, embedded systems and computer engineering products, integrated electronics, wired and wireless communications, networking sensing and imaging devices, and information technology. Students enrolled in the minor of electrical engineering will be given the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering as well as be introduced to some advanced applications. Students will be exposed to many real world applications and have hands-on engineering design experiences.

Because the course structure involves a chain of pre-requisite courses, students are encouraged to start this minor in their sophomore year of study.


18 credit hours total

  • 12 credit hours will be from upper division courses
  • students must meet all pre-requisites for all ELEC courses taken
  • for a minor to be awarded the minimum GPA is 2.0 with no individual course grade below C-
  • the student’s application is subject to the approval of the electrical engineering department chair
  • students may also apply minor courses toward their major when applicable

Contact the Department of Electrical Engineering for an Electrical Engineering Minor Coursework form.

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