Electromagnetics, plasmas and computation group


The  University of Colorado Denver Electromagnetics, Plasmas and Computation Group brings together faculty members and researchers who investigate a wide range of topics including applied electromagnetics, magnetization of materials, physics of the near- Earth space environment, wave-particle interactions and novel communication solutions. Much of our work focuses on the use of extremely low frequency (ELF: 3- 3000 Hz ) and very low frequency (VLF: 3 – 30 kHz ) electromagnetic waves. We are involved in remote sensing, active experiments and numerical simulations with external funding from a variety of sources including the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Office of Naval Research and DARPA.

Research projects and topics

Imaging through almost anything anywhere

Whistler-mode waves in the magnetosphere

Magnetic hysteresis and magnetostriction

ELF/VLF remote sensing

Subterranean communications

Plasma acceleration and high energy physics



Stephen Gedney

Stephen Gedney, PhD

Professor and Chair

Electrical Engineering

Phone: 303-315-7520

Email: stephen.gedney@ucdenver.edu


Mark Golkowski

Mark Golkowski, PhD

Department Chair

Electrical Engineering

Phone: 303-315-7577

Email: Mark.Golkowski@ucdenver.edu


Vijay Harid

Vijay Harid, PhD

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Phone: 303-315-7587

Email: vijay.harid@ucdenver.edu


Aakash Sahai, PhD

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Email: aakash.sahai@ucdenver.edu

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