Electrical Engineering Master of Science

The master of science in electrical engineering at CU Denver is geared toward electrical engineers who are interested in advancing their careers or move into leadership positions. There is no specific curriculum for the master of science degree except for a breadth requirement, which is a combination of electrical engineering courses chosen by the student.

Areas of concentration

Graduate programs in electrical engineering offer the following areas of concentration:

  • Communications and signal processing
  • Controls and signal processing
  • Microelectronics and VLSI
  • Fields, waves and optics
  • Computer engineering and embedded system design
  • Energy and power systems

Degree requirements

The master of science in electrical engineering requires 30 credit hours of academic work with at least 21 credit hours from the CU Denver Department of Electrical Engineering. The degree must be completed within five years.

Students choose one of two plans to complete their degree. 

Plan 1: Master’s Thesis

This plan requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of graduate-level course work and 6 credit hours of supervised research culminating in a published master of science thesis.

Plan 2: Course Only

This plan requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate course work plus mandatory enrollment for one semester in a zero-credit seminar course.

For more information, refer to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program Guide

NOTE: The electrical engineering master of science at the University of Colorado Denver is a member of Western Regional Graduate Program. Qualified students admitted to this program who are residents of one of the 15 WICHE states may be eligible for residential tuition.

Eligibility requirements

To be considered for admission to the master of science program, candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor of science degree from a reputable institution, either in electrical engineering or in math, physics and other engineering disciplines
  • At least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.


Students are required to successfully complete all prerequisites assigned to any electrical engineering graduate course. Students with an undergraduate degree in areas other than electrical engineering must also see a graduate instructor to receive approval before registering for a class in electrical engineering.