EE Scholars Program: Electrical Engineering BS/MS

The Electrical Engineering (EE) Scholars Program provides high-performing and motivated undergraduate students the opportunity to begin graduate work at the master’s level while completing the undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. This accelerates the time to obtain a graduate degree for the student, saving both time and expense. 

What are the expected outcomes of a master of science degree?

As an MS student, you will:

  • obtain a more in depth knowledge of fundamental concepts in electrical engineering
  • learn more advanced mathematical techniques for solving and analyzing real engineering problems of current technical interest
  • learn to conduct creative research
  • gain advanced knowledge in a technical field of your choosing and be afforded the opportunity to conduct research in this area

Program Guidelines

EE Scholars are allowed to apply up to 12 credit hours of 5000-level electrical engineering courses, taken as ELEC specialty electives or professional electives, to both their bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and their master of science (MS) degree in electrical engineering.

The following guidelines are applied to students in the EE Scholars Program:

  • Dual credit ELEC 5000-level courses must be taken at CU Denver and must be courses selected from their primary or secondary topic areas as required by the MS degree in electrical engineering, outlined in the Electrical Engineering Graduate Handbook.
  • Students must earn a B- or higher in their 5000-level electrical engineering courses for the course to be applied toward the master of science degree. A passing grade below a B- will contribute to the bachelor of science (BS) degree requirements, but not to the MS degree requirements.
  • Students cannot apply more than 12 credit hours of graduate coursework to the MS degree taken prior to the completion of the BS degree. Students cannot obtain dual credit for courses taken prior to admission into the EE Scholars Program. 
  • Students are considered undergraduate students until all requirements for the BS degree in electrical engineering are completed. The bachelor’s degree will be conferred the semester during which these requirements are completed. At that time, students will also be considered an MS student.
  • Students then continue to fulfill the remaining requirements for their MS degree in electrical engineering and may choose the thesis or course-only plan.
  • EE Scholars are expected to finish their MS degree in 2 semesters upon completion of their BS degree (course-only option), plus a summer session for students pursuing an MS thesis. 

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the program, students

  • Must complete an application to the EE Scholars Program, including a dual degree course plan. The application must be signed by the student’s electrical engineering academic advisor and submitted directly to the electrical engineering department.
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student in electrical engineering at CU Denver in good standing, with a minimum of 75 credit hours completed toward the BS degree in electrical engineering.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.* 
  • Must apply and be accepted into the CU Denver MS program in electrical engineering for the semester during which they will enter the EE Scholars Program. The graduate application will follow standard application procedures. 

*Students with < 3.5 GPA can also apply. Their applications will be considered by the electrical engineering graduate committee for acceptance into the EE Scholars Program.


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