Computer Engineering Minor

The minor in computer engineering provides an opportunity to gain a more in-depth knowledge of computing technology, programming digital hardware, interfacing digital hardware, internet of things, microcontrollers and microprocessors, sensor technology, as well as computer vision and image processing. The only pre-requisite to start this program is good academic standing and the desire to learn.

Because the course structure involves a chain of pre-requisite courses, students are encouraged to start this minor in their freshman or sophomore year of study.


16 credit hours total

  • 6 credit hours will be from upper division courses
  • students must meet all pre-requisites for all ELEC courses taken
  • the minimum GPA is 2.0 with no individual course grade below C-
  • the student’s application is subject to the approval of the electrical engineering department chair
  • students may also apply minor courses toward their major when applicable

Required courses (13 credit hours)

  • ELEC 1510 or CSCI 1510 – Logic Design
  • ELEC 1520 – Embedded Systems I
  • ELEC 2520 – Embedded Systems II
  • ELEC 2531 – Logic Laboratory
  • ELEC 3651 – Digital Hardware Design

Technical elective—complete at least one (3 hours)

  • ELEC 4511 – Hardware Software Interface
  • ELEC 4678 – Quantum Electronics and Computing
  • ELEC 4727 – Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • ELEC 4800 – Special Topics (if related to computer engineering and with approval by the electrical engineering department chair


Contact the Department of Electrical Engineering for an Electrical Engineering Minor Coursework form.


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