iPads are the most-recommended tablet in teaching and education – in both K-12 and higher education. However, given our mixed environment and general creative needs, CEDC IT Services recommends tablets from all three of the major platforms: Apple iOS, Microsoft Surface, and Android. Of the three, Apple and Microsoft are considered top of the market.

From a technical perspective, iPad is the best for our college environment, as the IT team procured JAMF Pro to manage Apple devices. This allows IT Services to centrally and remotely procure and distribute software without needing to ever touch the device. iPads can be shipped directly to people’s homes and they’ll automatically set themselves up once connected to the internet. We do not have this functionality with other platforms currently.

Please note: A tablet is not a replacement for a laptop and cannot be used in the same way. Tablets are intended to be used as a supplementary device, not a primary work device.

Tablet requirements (choose the platform you're most comfortable with):

  • Must come with, or support, a writing device
  • Must support audio input/output
  • Must be able to share screen
  • Must support Zoom and at least one writing app


Tablet descriptions