Plastic 3D Printing

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Plastic 3D Printing

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How do we print in plastic?

We use PolyJet printing technology to produce 3D plastic parts. These parts are printed at a high quality resolution of 20µm thick layers.  In contrast, fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers can only print at a resolution of 100µm. This fine resolution allows for accurate prototyping of computer aided design (CAD) assemblies with tight tolerances. Overall, parts takes around 0.5-10 hours to complete depending on the size and height.

As shown in the video above, the process for this type of additive manufacturing is as follows:

  1. A liquid polymer is pumped into the print heads.
  2. A roller lays down a 20 µm thick layer.
  3. A UV light solidifies the liquid polymer each layer.
  4. The process repeats until the part’s height is finished.
1. We will send an estimate for materials and post-processing time along with any questions regarding the part or additional information.  
2. Please note that material swapping for specialized materials and high quality parts will cost extra and that ordering specialized materials will take extra time.
3. If you have project deadlines, please submit the files to us at least a month in advance of when you will need the parts as our backlog fills up frequently. 
4. To check on the operational status of the printer, please send us an email. 
5. If you don't have SolidWorks or an STL file but have an idea/picture/drawing with 3D dimensions we can work with you to create your design.  Approximate design time will also be included in the quote.

Please include:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Lab/Company/Researcher/Medical Professional/Student
  • Email
  • Comments/Specific instructions/Information on what the part is
  • Material choice
    • Rigid Plastic
      • Vero Clear
      • Vero Black
    • Flexible Plastic
      • Tango Black + *Different durometers of material can be created by mixing Vero and Tango materials
    • Specialized Material
      • Biocompatible
      • Please see Stratasys PolyJet Materials Webpage for more information and email us to see if our printer is compatible with the type of material you are interested in.
  • Matte or glossy?
  • Quantity
  • Upload .STL file

Contact Us

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If you are interested or have an idea please contact us!

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Plastic 3D Printing Lab CU Denver
Plastic 3D Printing
Plastic 3D Printing
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