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As we move to online delivery of courses, we need to ensure courses are accessible. Below is some information about Zoom and accessibility.
  • Zoom's auto-captioning service cannot be enabled due to HIPAA regulations. We are in discussions on how we can circumnavigate this to make accessibility easier. Currently, the best option we have is uploading recordings to Techsmith Relay. We do not have a method for live sessions.
  • After discussing with OIT's Accessibility Lead as well as the Disability Resources office, automated captioning services are NOT ADA-compliant and should not be used for accommodations. Auto captioning options are great for general accessibility and should probably be activated for all participants when possible, but they are not appropriate for accommodations. "Any recordings and real-time sessions should be professionally captioned for accessibility when there is an accommodation need."
  • VITAC is a well-known third-party captioning service that integrates with Zoom specifically.
  • All accessibility needs should be directed to the Disability Resources office to find compliant and suitable solutions.

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