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Project Abstract

We are the Couch Potatoes, a collection of new and experienced college students. The social life on campus is a core piece of a successful college experience , however on a commuter campus such as ours the social life has always been lacking at best. I have often been walking though campus and notice a poster or advertisement for some event only to find out it had actually happened weeks ago, or been sitting on campus between classes with nothing to do for hours. Our app, Tivoli Connect, seeks to change that, and help everyone at the Auraria campus truly experience everything college has to offer. In one app we want to consolidate all the goings on and happenings on campus, whether it is a party, a dance, or just a new coffee shop that is the perfect place to cram for finals. Now that we are going back on campus in the fall, we don't just want to go back to normal, we want it to be better than it had ever been.

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