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Have you ever started craving North ltalia's delicious Margherita Pizza right at closing time? What about their Glazed Short Rib Cavatelli Pasta?

WouIdn't it be great to be able to order that and have it hot and fresh, even well after they've closed? Or perhaps you're entertaining guests and want to impress them with a delicious home cooked meal?

We have the perfect solution for you, Freshable!

Order easy and simple Freshable meal kits from your favorite restaurants, well past their closing time delivered right to you. These kits were made specially for you with only the best ingredients. Also offering a pickup service using smart heating lockers that can keep your food warm, and can only be unlocked using a unique barcode generated for your order. Whether you want to try your hand at cooking, or just pick up Chinese food on the go, Freshable is always there for you, with fresh food, always.


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