RelaxMax Wellness App

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Project Abstract

We have a mental health problem on our hands. According to the 2022 State of Mental Health in America, in 2019, nearly 20% of Americans were living with some sort of mental illness. That number has worsened over the course of the ongoing pandemic, as isolation and loneliness have taken a toll on us all. Despite this, roughly a quarter of adults with a mental illness report having unmet needs. Even more disparately affected are youth, as 60.3% of youth with major depression receive no treatment whatsoever. All these point towards a need for more accessible mental health support for the public and greater support for individuals living with mental health needs.

This led us to create RelaxMax, an app designed to compile resources and provide mental health support for people free of charge and incredibly accessibly. RelaxMax offers base level support for individuals with mental health needs, can connect individuals to support groups, and helps them to find more professional resources.

Project presentation

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