Light Pollution-Reducing Lamp Shade

Section 007

Project Abstract

We noticed particularly in Denver that the night sky or mainly the stars are not visible, this is due to light pollution coming off of street lamps and buildings; we wanted to tackle this issue while also creating a feasible idea/invention that we could actually make and potentially implement in our surrounding area, this is when we came up with the idea of a light shade that would be able to go over street lamps and outdoor lights that would not diminish the amount of light produced by them, but would diminish the harmful light going into our night skies. Overall throughout the entire engineering process we believe we have come up with an idea that could potentially handle and contain all of the light going into the skies produced by street lamps; this would be a great benefit to us and our community as we would finally be able to gaze up into the heavens and see the beauty of our universe again.

Prototype Demo

Project presentation

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