Whisper and Leaderboard in Zoom

Project Abstract

Our team innovated on making private voice channels, which we call whisper channels, and a point and leaderboard system for Zoom. Since the start of COVID-19, over 290 million students had to move into virtual education (UNESCO, 2020). In this period of isolated, online learning, many students can become lonely and frustrated.  Our feedback showed us that our features would increase student interaction and camaraderie, which will improve the students’ and teachers’ experience. In these trying times, our features would help forge vital social bonds that students would normally make in a physical classroom.

Our triptych style visual abstract demonstrates the three pillars of our design: the opportunity space, the whisper channels, and the point and leaderboard system. Our opportunity statement is “How might we boost interaction among students in an online classroom?” Since COVID-19 began, over 290 million students have been moved into online classrooms, creating millions of isolated students (UNESCO, 2020). To resolve this isolation, we intend to implement whisper features to boost communication in the classroom. To add more exciting competition to online learning, we made a point and leaderboard system.

Project presentation

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