Project Abstract

Imagine having the resources to travel almost anywhere. You could learn about Mars while actually on the planet, and fly to Jurassic park to learn about dinosaurs.

Imagine what these experiences might have meant to you as a child, and what it could mean for future generations. You need not imagine anymore. At VRoom, we have been working hard towards making this idea possible with low-cost VR technology. Our studies indicate that elementary school students are bored by hours of monotonous computer work and feel disinterested in class zoom meetings. We are confident that our unique application will make young kids excited to learn again, while alleviating burdens on teachers struggling to adapt to teaching virtually.


The image above shows the 3 different art styles we were deciding between(top left) the accessibility prototype(bottom left) the headset mockup/prototype(middle), the VR room where we tested presenting information(bottom middle), one of our inspirations for giving information(top right), and our user interface prototype/mockup(bottom right). This image shows the very barebones and basic prototypes that we created that shows the main goals of our project and allowed us to gain user feedback.

Project presentation

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