The Wheelie

Project Abstract

Wheelchairs may add mobility and like a good quarantine, are helpful but come with many restrictions. The Wheelie removes some those restrictions for people with enough upper body function to drive cars. The Wheelie can enhance mobility through a lightweight aluminum frame and spring loaded folding mechanism. This allows the user, with the push of a button, to fold The Wheelie while carrying it mid-air after the wheels have been detached using bicycle quick release mechanism. The Wheelie has ride height adjustment that uses a spring and screw system to help users mechanically match car seat height. The Wheelie will save users valuable time when getting in and out of cars and helps give more independence to the user. We hope you can help mobilize funds to mobilize people.

This images below show all the main subsystems of our product the wheelie. Starting from the top left and moving down, we have the detachable wheels which can be removed using bicycle-like quick release tabs. Just below that we have our lumbar support adjustment subsystem. It uses movable cushioning to adjust the position of the lumbar support. The whole thing is adjusted using two buttons one to move it forward and the other to move it back. On the bottom left we have the height adjustment subsystem. It sits in the main columns going from the seat to the wheels. The perpendicular gear is turned using a side mounted knob by the user. That turns the parallel gear loosening or tightening the bolt in the center. The bolt is surrounded by a spring to counteract friction from the bolt allowing for smoother and more stable motion. Next on the top right is the main folding part of The Wheelie. It has locked springs inside that collapse the skeleton when unlocked by pressing a button on the back. Finally, on the bottom right, we have the locking brakes. They apply pressure on the wheels and lock to stabilize The Wheelie. 

cemb_206663_12556724_Subsystem Visual Abstract

Project presentation

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