Senior Social

Project Abstract

As you know this year has been the hardest for people due to covid-19 as it has caused many people, especially the elderly, to feel lonely because of the lack of connecting in person, to de-spread the virus. This virus has targeted specifically the elderly because they are more susceptible to serious illness and even fatality. Which is why we designed a website specifically for the elderly and is a unique website because it is easy to navigate, has easy to read font, and is made so that users can connect with each other nearby and around the world. If you have an elderly friend, family member, or loved one that yearns for more enjoyable social interaction, come experience a simpler way to connect and have a good time. Come visit at


This is our website’s homepage. You are greeted with a warm smile and easy to navigate menu with a bigger font for our elderly community. Our website also includes virtual bingo! A fun way to break the ice.

Project presentation

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