MyStryde: Customizable Walker

Project Abstract

We are in a new age where many walking-aid devices have become outdated. People's needs are increasingly diverse and traditional designs have grown bulky, overpriced, and difficult to maneuver. But this mold has now been broken. Introducing: MyStryde: Customizable Walkers. Our team offers simple, structural, and mobile walkers that can be customized with a diverse array of attachable features. From additional storage to phone holders, our customizable options will ensure your walker suits your unique lifestyle. And with replacement parts shipped by mail directly to your home, it will be the only walker you will ever need. With all the attachable features you need and want, MyStryde is the walker of the future.

mystryde: customizable walker

Our visual abstract features a mockup prototype made of PVC pipe which demonstrates our simple design approach and the customizable nature of our product.

Project presentation

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